Friday, January 4, 2008

Cmoy Amplifier

DIY Simple Headphone Amp Tutorial
By Cmoy Design (Mini Pocket Amp)

Cmoy amplifier is currently the most popular headphone amplifier for beginner to DIY. It only use a 9v battery to drive this headphone amplifier, and it sound excellent! The complete headphone amplifier it self is very small, you could pack the circuit board & battery into a candy tint which is portable to carry around with your ipod or any portable mp3 player. To diy this cmoy headphone amplifier is extremely easy and simple, it only take less then a day to complete.
A step by step guide to build a headphone amplifier.
It sound wonder with Ipod.

Ok I am not gonna crap here, Let's start straight to the point.

The Tools

The Cmoy Headphone Amplifier Component Parts 1

The Cmoy Headphone Amplifier Component Parts 2

A Picture say a thousand words, As stated very clearly that what are the component needed for this Cmoy amplifier. Print and bring this out with you when you go to the radio shack to get this component.

Assembly The Cmoy Headphone Amplifier

Step 1
Get ready your PCB Board.

Step 2
Mark out the center ground.

Step 3
Solder the battery clip wire on to the PCB board as shown above.

Step 4

Solder the Power Led onto the board as shown above.
Add R6 Resistor 10k Ohm as shown above.

Step 5
As you can see on the picture above, the green line indicate that we have to solder and connect hole 4 to 5 to 6. On the other side we have to solder hole 9 to 10 to 11.
*NOTE: How to solder the green line?
There is 2 type of joining the green line, for beginner I will suggest you to use type "A".
Type "B" need more stable hand but less of trouble to cut the left over wire from resistor or capacitor.

Once you have done up to step 5, you should test your circuit by connect it to a 9v battery and toggle on the switch, the led should be light you by now. If you can't get the led to work, please go back to STEP 4, Reverse your Power Led connection and test again.

This is what you should have by now

Step 6

Mount the (R1) 4.7k Ohm 1/4 w Resistor onto the board.
Solder the green line shown above.

Step 7
Mount (C1) 220uF 16v Capacitor.
Solder the green line as shown above.

Step 8

Mount R2 Resistor.
Solder green as shown.

Step 9

Mount 8-Pin IC Socket.
Solder green line as shown.

Step 10
Mount R3 Resistor.
Solder green line as shown.

Up till now you show have something look like this.

Step 11
Mount C2 Capacitor.
Solder green line as shown.

Step 12
Mount R4 Resistor.
Solder green line as shown.

Step 13

Mount R5 Resistor.
Solder green line as shown.

Step 14
Now we have 2 wire connect from the capacitor to the IC Socket.

Step 15
Slot the IC Chip into the socket. Compatible Chip are as follow:
Blurr Brown IC: OPA2227
Blurr Brown IC: OPA2132P
Blurr Brown IC: OPA2132PA
Blurr Brown IC: OPA2134PA
We are almost done...

Step 16

Just follow the wiring connection.

Step 17 (Final Step)
Box it up! And that's your New Toys
Congrate you made it!

P.S do not send me anymore email on asking me to sell you an pocket amp, but alternative you can visit Boostaroo, this site offer a range of pocket amplifier from $29.99 to $49.99.


A really cool Grado RA1 Headphone amplifier at Amazon for $425.

Extend Cmoy with Virtual Gnd Instruction
On TLE 2426
This is how it should be, 1 x 22ouf Caps and 1 x TLE 2426 instead of 2 x caps and 2 x resistor.

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